Tongkat Ali Extreme Pills 200:1 Root Extract Longjack Pasak Bumi 60 Capsules.

Tongkat Ali Extreme Pills 200:1 Root Extract Longjack Pasak Bumi 60 Capsules.
Tongkat Ali Extreme Pills 200:1 Root Extract Longjack Pasak Bumi 60 Capsules.
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Product Description

60 Capsule Bottle of Herb-Wizard Premium Gold range

Brilliant for the following uses: Increase testosterone

Vitality & Stimulation

Promoting bone formation

Energy & Power

Muscle Mass

Increase Hormone Production

Improve Blood Circulation

Strengthen Your Immune system

Increase Sexual Virility, libido and

sexual drive (Aphrodisiac)

1000 mg extract used to product 500 mg (2:1 Ratio) Capsules of Pure fine Tongkat Ali THESE ARE PURE AND STRONG **Please read the about us section**

Tongkat Ali, often better known as longjack, is a herbal plant native to a large area of SE Asia. It has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years in Thailand and all over SE Asia to help to restore hormone levels in men of all ages and especially to rejuvenate middle aged and older men to improve both their general and sexual health. This product is grown in our gardens to ensure its completely natural we are not a re-seller like others we have our own factory. TongKat Ali is also used for its natural healing and rejuvenating activities, in particular for improving mens' health, especially sexual health.

Our product is potent and strong, this is our gold capsule range

· Whilst all the above benefits can be achieved through taking Tongkat Ali, please also understand and consider that not everybody will experience these benefits as people are different and results will vary. Please speak to your doctor before taking this supplement as dosages can vary due to your body weight and also for the reason you are taking this (For example, bodybuilders may be advised to take more).

Cycle Information

For maximum effect, it has to be ‘cycled’. The way to consume it is to take Tongkat Ali for 7 days, and then going on a ‘off cycle’ for 4 days without taking it. You can also go on a 10 days ‘on’ cycle and 5 days ‘off’ cycle.

Suggested Use Take one (1) capsule once or twice per day after a meal. Do not exceed 4 capsules (2000 mg) per day. Cycle 5 days on 2 days off. We advise taking Tongkat Ali gradually to begin with, one (1) capsule per day for the first 3-5 days. Results may vary.


Brand new in a sealed bottle.

Strength 200:1 Root Extract

500 mg capsules x 60 per Bottle,