China White Tea (Large, 100 bags)

China White Tea (Large, 100 bags)
China White Tea (Large, 100 bags)
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  • Net Weight: 0.82 pound
  • Total Weight: 0.82 pound
  • Dimensions: 9.25 inch * 5.50 inch * 3.25 inch

  • The WHITE TEA is distinctive in the history of fine Chinese tea.
  • It is comprised of a unique blend of raw tea, combined by a special process designed to preserve the benefits of the teas organic ingredients and the antioxidant polyphenol.

  • It contains an abundance of vitamins.
  • It is endowed with amazing flavor and a sweet smell.
  • Its unique benefits can promote the secretion of body fluids and it can quench thirst.
  • It was treat in ancient times, reserved only for the imperial family.

  • ROYAL KING BRAND White Tea is made of the most desired leaves of the white peony tea plant.
  • It appears golden yellow and has a unique flavor and sweet smell. You will believe that you are royalty when you drink the ROYAL KING BRAND White Tea. It also promotes good health.